Posted by: KB. McAnelly | July 20, 2006


I must be

far too sensible

far too sensitive to continue

down this delusional road.

I look in the mirror and I see…

another toad…that looks like road kill.

Just give me another pill

to take away the pain.

And then with sweet illusion I can dance with life again…

I’m not anyone particular,

no fancy dream with fancy fur,

no fancy slick

or skinny stick

to fancy up with glimmer shots and pics.

I’m just a hick in desguise. No brains worth any size.

But then you’d be surprised at what I do

I’m just a hick with a dream…

a cracker with a scheme.

No arbitrary monument for me.

I just must be

far too sensible…(repeat)

copyright 2006 kb mcanelly edit 072206

Addendum…dee dum. I write far too quickly in my mind and edit a day or so later.


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