Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | November 15, 2006

Before Leaving Off…

I am quite curious as to the readers that frequent or haphazardly visit this blog. I know of a few regulars from WordPress, and others, but after viewing the Geo Map I see that there are a few folks from California.  The Bay area, and Southern California…having been raised on the West Coast this is of personal interest. Like the Chargers and their 49 points. uh-huh uh-huh! Or the La Jolla Playhouse. Or Belmont Roller Coaster. So feel free to leave a comment and my email will connect us.

The New York area is another vital arts and theatre direction I hope to delve into at some point as I intend to make my way to London…and New York is a good leap from there.

Now, for my friends. This is the time in my life where big changes, some quite frustrating, are beginning to take shape. While most were simple ideals, these now become intended movements towards a greater experience.

My bags are almost packed. The dreams are almost tangible. The tears have fallen along with the leaves of this last Fall in Louisville. One more winter, perhaps a spring and I should be ready to leave if my energy and monetary situation permit these changes that I am working towards.

I will be selling my paintings as each becomes completed from Expo Live at MSN Live Space. Please check this blog on a regular basis after Thanksgiving. It may be the one place that my art can be seen.

Have a good winter, stay in touch, and happy posting.


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