Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | November 12, 2006

Elton John says religion encourages hate – Celebrity News –

Okay. So what else is on the verbal agenda. He mentions that not only do religious leaders need to participate/get active in world affairs…he says the same of his fellow constituents while also bringing up the sixties mores and Mr. John Lennon. 

Now why does this burn me up? It’s not the religion thing he talks about, or anti-gay religions, haters of people with different lifestyles…we are all imperfect beings regardless of race, talent, sexual preference or gender. And as such all we can do is  “encourage” one another with kindness and right action.

Now that’s a tough one for me to follow being the disturbed boiling kettle in my home. Right action? Kindness. I haven’t the time to list the organizations that make a difference through music, art, religious efforts. But they are out there.

Perhaps this is Sir Elton’s call to arms.

Does he go to My Space at all…there’s an army of talent waiting for the right moment to shine. He might be surprised that there are musicians that care and are making an attempt to have some sort of positive effect on this planet and it’s peoples. I know I don’t get enough time to read, or listen, to as many music posts as I would like.

And while there was a lift towards what he’s talking about, back in the eighties, that energy has waned more just a than a bit. I think we’ve all been trying to love and live life but it grabbed us and dragged us off into the abyss of mortality.

Whitney Houston? How are you feeling? Are you ready for a challenge called life? Well, suck it up and help me out. I can cook a mean soup that will put some meat on those ribs and offer you a cup of coffee and a good ear. Your voice is needed..along with how many others.

Oprah? How’s your purse strings…are you able and willing to back this woman for a new project?

Tina? Ready to come away from retirement for a season or two? I’ve only seen one of your concerts…I’m ready for another. Perhaps shared with others, and less elaborate. Perhaps a musical?

Where’s the A-Team. Would I even recognize them if they were in my own living room?

Mr. Rod Stewart? Hi, sweets. Long time since I said a word with you. You wouldn’t remember though…it was one of those call the radio station and talk to the artist events all the way back in 1987.  I was the lucky caller. Couplets? I can write couplets. How be ya…I be peachy.

But I just can’t seem to can’t seem to get my act together so I’m in the midst of moving one more time. Going much lighter this round. I’m not taking family or personal belongings. I’ll hopefully be doing some art at a local shelter to pass the time on this planet for the time being. It seems right for the moment.

Peter Gabriel? WOMAD…they aren’t even scheduled for North America my last check.

Yoko? Hello, are you hearing this? Somebody’s knocking.

I went to a Garden Party…to reminisce with my old friends…

Willie Nelson? Hello, can you have a talk with this man?

Excuse me while I go box what’s left of my junk. It’s taking me far too long and the landlord wants his property back. I shouldn’t be spending the time here…but I just had to say something before the kettle boiled over.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life time but this recent one is the trippiest by far.  All the personal creative energy I have is being sapped by my current situation, the mundane duties I have and a few non believers in my family…so I don’t think religion is the absolute culprit to the world’s dilemma.  But the perceptions of people on this planet might be questionable.

You are right that the only way to change things is through action.  

I’m feeling like a creative pressure cooker and without the appropriate help it’s wasted effort. 

Darn, now I’ve spent up my time to attend church. Those hymns I remember from my childhood get me up and running like bagpipes in a parade.

Carry me onward… I feel a song rushing in. Carry me onward…to the place where beginnings begin…

 Link to Elton John says religion encourages hate – Celebrity News –

Mine got smashed by a hater. Not me.














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