Posted by: KB. McAnelly | November 10, 2006

Easy-Bake Oven enters Toy Hall of Fame – MORE NEWS AND FEATURES –

I am so dumbfounded that I could not resist quickly blogging this. What happened to the little square hot plate that you plugged into the electrical outlet? A much smaller item and infinitely more fun than an Easy Bake Oven. One could pour multiple colors of slimy liquid from small tubes into tiny trays that had various pre molded shapes…like dinosaurs. Or spiders. Or worms and snakes. All you had to do was wait long enough for the heat to process the fluid. This was considered  an educational scientific experiment! To solidify liquid into rubbery stick on the refrigerator creatures was a real skill. If you left the stuff in the heat tray too long…it didn’t work. If you didn’t leave it in long enough…you had a nasty gooey mess. But if you knew your beans wah-lah you  had something to hide in the laundry or under your brothers sheets. Now maybe you could do that with cake from that silly oven…but you couldn’t get that creepy glow in the dark neon in a box mix.

That Goop was so desirable in certain colors that the stores ran out of it. My brother and I spent many afternoons during the winter mixing different colors for special effects. Rainbow, striped, and multiple two toned combinations were achieved during quiet hours when Mom was busy in the kitchen fixing her own concoction.

At one time they even came out with Edible Goop…topping Easy Bake by a mile! We had more fun creeping our Mom and Dad out at the dinner table by popping these things into our mouths like candy. The only thing  you could do with Easy Bake oven was burn the cake, your fingers…or eat raw cake batter. I have personally witnessed this having incredulously invested in one for my daughter’s sixth Christmas. Or was it birthday. She used it three times.  

Now that her brothers are old enough to defend themselves, in their twenties and thirties, I can let the cat out of the bag. They wanted to use that Easy Bake Oven and she refused to share it. However we did sneak it while she was gone one afternoon when I was making cupcakes for school and the chocolate mix boiled over the sides and made a horrible mess. She might not share…but she was forgiving. And wise. She had something to hold over their heads for awhile. Back then, heaven forbid if her brothers were caught using it, and even the same for mine twenty years prior.  If you were of the male gender and got caught playing with little sister’s toys the fellas in the neighborhood would remove you from their tree house club. Or pampas grass fort.

My problem, perhaps because of my age, is that I can’t remember the name of that gadget. But I sure do remember the fun my brother and I had at the kitchen table. And that certainly would not have happened with an Easy Bake Oven!


Link to Easy-Bake Oven enters Toy Hall of Fame – MORE NEWS AND FEATURES –

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