Posted by: KB. McAnelly | November 9, 2006

Re-vision Hubble Telescope

Someone emailed me a series of magnificent pictures from the Hubble Telescope. I couldn’t resist the poem that ran through my brain like a train at full speed. So here I post it for your pleasure.

Re-edited.  The picture is of two galaxies merging and their magnificent stars colliding, rather like fired up personality traits I expect.  However, on a deeper plane, while editing this I thought of all the men and women in this world whose loves are no longer with them. While many still have their partners among with them and even then the distance may be an emotional one…there are many who grieve the lost one. Many who feel so very alone. I think this is more for them than anyone. Life is but a brief shine where you are. Someone will see. Somewhere…out there.

Lubba’s. Humbly your poet and wanna be playwright.


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