Posted by: KB. McAnelly | October 8, 2006

Roger Miller…goin’…

Some things folks just have to learn the hard way…so I’m walking in the Sunshine…after I “put the Smile on my face”…and tucking my old broken melodica into the pant leg….”forgettin’ about my worries and my woes”…whistling the entire way…at least in my heart. “Pretending can make it real”. Gosh if I had something portable to play theis Roger Miller CD …

Roger Miller’s music gives me hope. And Cindy Walker be a mentor by her life lived example. I gues it’s time to learn. I remember hearing about the story, old time days and ways long gone…but some of us still have that faith in the song and the hearts of those that play….what can I say. It’s different today…so I’ve been told. Care to show me otherwise…

Some folks in this world just can’t be trusted…

and others are trusting, caring, loving and truly concerned…I am so grateful for like minded people. For those that pretend otherwise with outrageous and lavish facades…peace to you. Desist and Move on. I would like to live my life with love, kindness and friends.


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