Posted by: KB. McAnelly | September 30, 2006

Rolling Stones Concert In Louisville!

And I missed it. Damn! Tickets were equal to rent and I’m still scraping for that. Ouch! Any way thought I would post these videos, head downtown to take some early morning photos, and hope that I run into a few folks doing all nighters. It would have been the ideal birthday present for my daughter had we been living the ideal life. These are all You Tube Videos I found on Thursday when it hit me that I really wouldn’t be going to the concert as the TV flashed pictures of the three story stage.

We who missed the Concert of the Decade are all so…



I don’t know if I’m a fool to cry or not! Hmmm.

He still has that signature smile, but what I notice, as an artist is that swan shape neck and collar bone that any vampire would love to cling to, and every groupy, fan alive.

And here is the Nice Concert Video I found Thursday night with that huge three story stage. People left the concert quite satisfied.

But I missed ALICE COOPER as the opening act! Damn.

What was I really doing last night you might wonder. Working. Editing my writing.  It’s been a week from…and it could always get worse. But life goes on…and so we struggle. So we struggle, we little folks with big dreams.

The sun rises…I’m running late to meet with that misty veil between the hours. Happy posting.

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