Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 27, 2006

A New Link

I have added a new link to a personal Grandparenting Project. My way of staying in touch with distant darlings.

If you have children, enjoy reading, and want to locate little things to do in the evening hours or on rainy days, well this could eventually be the place.

The goal is to post at least once a week with a craft and a poem, offer some printable coloring pieces, and maybe a verse or two of my own as a start.

As this progresses I hope to offer links to other poets, craft blogs and maybe even a few of my own published items.

When my computer crashed last month…was it last month? I lost several poems, illustrations and videos that I had made. Some of these items were specifically about my grandchildren or for them.

Halloween is rushing up to meet us…well kiss my feet! It’s not Avon calling…a brief memory here.

How many costumes does it take to make a child happy?

One. How many do you go through to get to that one?

I used to drive my mother insane with last minute changes. And so my children in turn have driven me.

Batty is a really good word for Halloween.

Years ago the kids in my apartment complex would line up at my door and wait for me to do their makeup. Cute ones, sad clowns, happy clowns, monsters, scars, blood dripping, toilet paper and corn flakes and karo syrup…all little tricks to the trade.

Then there were cardboard wings, glitter, swords covered with aluminum foil…

Of course there’s the pumpkin waiting to be carved. I know longer do this as my hands don’t need the abuse. I paint the pumpkins with whatever my heart desires. Hang it inside a plant hanger and you have a headless monster looking down at all the tiny creature that cross your steps.

So I think for Nine Point View and The Children’s Hour the next few posts will deal with October, scary poems, funny poems…and costumes of all kinds.

Here’s to using our imaginations! And being something we might not otherwise be.

I’ve been an angel, bear, boxer, dancer, butterfly a country butterfly, a nurse, a sailor, a belly dancer, a mermaid, Dracula’s bride, and pregnant…to name a few. I’ve been a bag lady, a gift bag, mother nature, and Pomona the Goddess of Apples…Yo! MAC fans…

While you are in the process of preparing/thinking about Halloween, remember please…the Religious orientations behind this celebration. There are several. A good topic to open at the dinner table about differences and accepting these through understanding…

Happy Posting.

______________NOTE on PLEASE GOD!______________

A note on previous post (Please God!) we struggle as a family and there are rifts and divisions that may take years to reconcile, if ever. Time changes everything, all things, and I will be judged by my actions. I take none but compassion and self preservation…

My notebook with my recent work has been retrieved. But the loss of love, trust and faith over the years has damaged a relationship that I hold dear to my heart.

I feel broken, pained and useless as a parent, and can only pray at this time that we will be healed…eventually.

I know that our family requires something bigger than us to help each of us in our own way, time and space. I thank you for any prayers, and ask that you continue to send good thoughts our way. Peace.


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