Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 24, 2006

MY TWO CENTS WORTH on Nikes got its swoosh back – MSN Money

I still say they need me to design an entire line of clothing for women that love color, fabric, comfort…and did I say shoes?

How much do you think I should be paid?

My Nike Mistake

I hate shoes. I hate being confined or defined by any single thing in particular. I hate this materialistic age we live in. The can I huh and gimme-gimme of it all.

I also hate walking on hot pavement. Or running on rubble driveways to the garbage can…in a rush to catch the orange garbage truck at six in the morning. (I prefer coffee first)

I love the feel of grass under my feet. I love to dangle my toes in fountains, run through sprinklers…at the oddest places. So my shoes need to be easy on-easy off-easy dry, and oh so comfortable.

I also like to swish my skirts when I walk…but summer’s almost over and I need my winter boots.

That’s an entirely different story. Uh-huh.

Check List…Fall Designs 2007.

New Line Name/graphic design (complete, retain rights)

Willing to travel/possibly move

Advance (25%) Required plus equipment…

  1. Cintiq/?mac-apple/Photoshop/illustrator?
  2. Layout/Font/Photo op/digital slr/tripod
  3. basic office supplies/transportation/travel expenses
  4. base(trial contract)salary/medical-dental/line investment

Four Portfolios (children, men, women, plus)

Fabric Samples

Color Palette

Line/24 and Counting…six of each.

A Nike Winter?

A Nike Spring…Transition

Women’s Spring Colors?

There’s more. These are just old headers from my Phat Mom Blog…before I switched themes.

Link to Nikes got its swoosh back – MSN Money

With this good news I think they could afford to hire me.

Winter Basic.


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