Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 24, 2006

It’s My Computer! Poetry Too

This is poem/lyric is a comment I posted at My Space Song For Africa. A very talented group of Canadian musicians that  pooled their resources  to benefit others. If you go to My Visual Poet Experiment their song is posted on my profile as well.
Sep 21, 2006 12:23 AM

(this is the Complete and Final edited version)


Will we Ever…

I never met a heart that didn’t bleed/
and never met a man that didn’t have a creed
…maybe it was love/or maybe it was greed
…but I never met a heart that didn’t bleed.


Will we ever get it right. We’ve still got choices.

Will we ever understand. We’ve got more voices.

Will we ever change our ways. Will we ever take a stand.

We don’t know how many days/ are left in our hands.

Better do it now…While we still have choices. 


I never met a newborn that didn’t feel trust,
so much has been lost/We know the cost 
and you know that we must/
turn our lives/ the world around
…there’s something here/
something here
…that I think we’ve found.

(repeat chorus)

Come out from behind that tired facade…
get to know the child
and the eyes of God.
Come out from the pain
that you are holding inside…
help someone else turn the tide.

Help someone else turn the tide.


In a shattered moment of your silly promises/ Don’t blow me off…don’t blow me away/ and don’t show me the torment in your money factories/ I need more than these. I need more than clothing/I need you to show me the way/I need more than shelter/I need you to show me the way/I need more than food to meet the day/I need you to show me the way/I need you show to me the way.

(repeat chorus)

No one told you how,
and no one told you when,
and no one told you
what would happen in the end.
No one said that you could die,
and no one told the truth/
look what’s happened to the youth…
in this world that’s full of lies.

 (Repeat chorus and bridge)


Before I knew that they had a flip side I left this note in closing…brazen be me.

This is for the flip side…now get a youth choir to sing this one. Okay. Alright.

Copyright 2006 Kristine Mcanelly…peace.



Who’s Space is it anyway…

Well, I walked in after running an errand and my daughter was on “my” computer.

She had twenty different chats screens open and it took her fifteen minutes to shut down. In terms of computer skills and ability……Me being single, not dating, and using the Internet as a means of communication… one email at a time…

I can only relate this to highschool necking on the couch versus having a grouper orgy.

again…copyright 2006 KB McAnelly


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