Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 23, 2006

Lonely: a word for Life’s Journey?

Or at least mine. Seems to be a major shift in the atmosphere for me, these last few weeks, days, hours.

What I want…what I get…what I think I need and what the Universe determines as necessity are completely different. So for a few brief moments I go back in time to a youth-fueled dream of romance, desire, being needed, feeling alive through the music, and getting the prince charming and the castle too. Those days are gone along with that dream. Life changes and one gets used to being lonely.

There is that very rare sometimes…and when that happens and another heart jiggles the handle on that locked door…you stop and listen for the key to turn, silently praying, anticipating, waiting. Then nothing. So I take these feelings and put them into words like I did twenty some odd years ago.

How do I start a song lyric? Usually a couplet appears out of thin air and everything else follows suit, these are the Universally blessed tunes. But some moments I actually sit down with the intent and focus being on a specific emotion or action. A song title, a phrase, or one word…like lonely, journey, road, mountain…all these may end up in the song even if the song is about nothing more than a cloth frog.

All I know right now is this.

If Tony Bennett were here, right now, I could sit with the man in a studio, him with his paints and canvas, me with my clay and tools, both of us batting ideas back and forth and I know between the two of us we could come up with an entire albums worth of love songs in less than a week. And if David Foster were there to oversee the entire thing…well then I know it would be blessed.

C’ est la Vie, now that I have the spelling down right.

Now how do you say Videos of the day in french…

YOU TUBE!…Vu Tube? I remember jumping and dancing around the living room, my boys (my daughter had not come along yet) looking on in sheer fear that one of their friends might see me through the front windows. I might remind them…they too danced with me…bouncing from one cushion to the next.

Peter Cetera was always a sure bet to make me feel a bit better. Here are a few that I found. Cheers to the memories!

These are the ones that I could play and the boys would leave the room. But if ZZ TOP was on, well…I had the legs and my boys were suddenly the best dressed men in town.

I almost hooked you ladies up with ZZ TOP’s “You’re Killin’ me” with George Clooney. But some things are better left not shared.


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