Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 23, 2006

A Love Poem for Married’s

I ran across a Garth Brooks My Space Fan site…and considering he’s newly married to a sweet gal by the name of Trisha, and I am a very small part of his fan base…basically because of a few songs he did some time back…gotta dig those up now. But anyway…here’s what I do…and do it well!

Taking Time…

When two hearts turn around the seasons,
you live your love beyond the reasons/
that most people fall for love.
You laugh and play and cry and dance/
beyond the world of wine and romance/
but dig your heels down into the dirt/
because you know that true love hurts /sometimes
So you work at making memories and taking time.

Dance and play and cry and laugh/silly games and a stuffed giraffe/
romantic movies in the dark/moonlight walks beneath the spark/ling stars.
Washing windows/washing cars/painting fences/mowing the lawn/
doing the laundry at the crack of dawn/makin coffee when you’d rather have tea/
living with words like you and we/instead of I and me.

And when it all comes to its’ end as all good things must pass
when everything’s been lived as one and they lay each of us beneath that grass/y spot
On our stones they’ll write these words…
They were One. And the same. In more than a name.
In memory from day to day taking time to live and play/to dream and dance/beyond the world of wine and romance/diggin’ our heels into the dirt/cause sometimes we did things that hurt/but we came back to we again/taking time/making memories and taking time/we came back to we again/making memories and taking time.

copyright 2006 KB McAnelly. Yup. That’s me.

God! I love Cowboys! Now there’s another song brewing. Hmmmhmmm.


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