Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 19, 2006

NFL – Chargers get… more experience…backup Billy Voltek for Rivers

Fall is in the air…and the San Diego Chargers are getting a Titan tune up for the long haul. Well bless my pigskin and polish up that lightning bolt…plug me in fellas. Great things are coming to my hometown team. Give this Tennessee Titan a hearty welcome back to the West Coast and please, please give him the room to do that thing he does…

To the tune of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

It’s beginning ♪ to feel a lot like ’95…every ♫ where I turn.

I couldn’t be more surprised…with all that’s been improvised…♫

Link to FOX Sports – NFL – Chargers get backup for Rivers

I’ll get up some art here in a little bit. Good Ol’ Kentucky Time…for fixing dinner. Wait till I tell the Boys! But then they should already know.

An old favorite…Let’s Hear it for the Boy! from over at You Tube.

Perhaps I should do some football illustrations to go with that…something similar to this other video that I just finished the artwork and and edits for the other day.

I just love Deniece Williams. And San Diego.  And the Chargers…you go guys! Peace, Love and Toughen Up…yours truly…Love, Cheesecake

What the heck…maybe I should just write a Theme Song for the Guys…enjoy!


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