Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 14, 2006

Bombs To My Brain You Tube Once Again!

Found these reminders from my past. Thought I would share them while I busy myself with working on paying the bills, debts and ….oh what the hell. Call me Scrapper. I’m a tough old bird. What I remember best is how it all got started. Yo! Quincey! How about a nod towards this Caltuckian, this gal has got some dreams brewing… someone may have gotten the files on the PC but they didn’t get the original work. And Richard Page, if you are out there and you catch wind…the door is always open. I need a good musician. What say you…and all the rest, maybe this is a call to arms. Mine are open wide, and my heart is full of song.

Sounds a little prosaic…but my life is a bit…Mosaic. Bits and pieces all over the place.

You’d think by now…who would have thought life could be this good in the middle of all this hell.

Well, well, well, isn’t there at least one person that has a story to tell.

Here is one of the best damn set designs I’ve ever seen in a video. I wonder who came up with the rediculous M over M design. Must have been some chicken scratch in the margins. But I do love these two guys for the energy they put into this.

Shoes, did I say I needed shoes? I remember exactly where and when…Elton John has a song that I like as well as this one..I’m Still Standing…

And here, the best damn legs in the world, and one of the hardest working women in the Music Industry that I would stop drop and roll for, now that’s respect.

Below, of course, a lady we all know, seems Like a Virgin wasn’t what the parents wanted…but the teen girls sure did. I personally prefer Papa Don’t Preach. Seems appropriate for my youthfull indignities on my family.

If my Dad only knew, but wait, being he is in the hereafer, then he does.. Sad, that we didn’t share as much as we could have.

And this, Mister Mister with Kyrie Elysion is among one of my favorites, I am so grateful, in so many ways. So very many. It takes me beyond the present difficulties and reminds me that there is hope and goodness in this world. I place this one right on the same shelf of my heart with “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper and Vanessa Williams, “Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Wind”

But here, is the all inclusive, climactic moment…next to Hands Across America….could you imagine for a moment everyone in prayer throughout the world? Damned difficult isn’t it. I guess that’s the nearest that music can get sometimes…is a form of prayer…so I think…Take Me There.

And it goes on and on and on…yep, I’m feeling like the energizer bunny. There’s more…really.

But I’ll dish it out in piece meal. In the meantime, enjoy. I’m off to the composition book. And the drawing boards. There was a reason I took theatre…but the air didn’t clear until recently. The dream of clay in my own studio waits for me…there is a place and time for everything. I have to trust that there are no real chance meetings or mistakes in this world. Everything has a purpose…and every mistakeĀ  made becomes something good. Something about Lemons and Lemonade comes to mind here.

Added 09/18/06…I believe, if my memory serves me well enough, that the year before this recording an entire group was up on stage at the grammy’s singing Let It Be. Now, years later I’m still trying to figure that play of words…does that mean…Let it Happen….or Let It Alone. That is probably the most important part that has always confused me about that song.

One of my favorite videos required bringing in the New Jersey Choir…and was, I believe, a statement to racial complexities, and that of the working man…working man? Now there’s a direction for Country Music. Hmmm.

Now if I could just get David Foster to help me out here. And yes, Quincey.


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