Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 6, 2006

Edgewater and edgy nights…

I found a great radio station to listen to while working away on various different tasks through the day. Like cleaning the litter box, mopping floors, washing laundry…maybe some clay work later. covers tunes from the fifties on up to the eighties. And so I get to skip about my space on this planet.

I remember how, as a younger woman, before my efforts to write my own lyrics and poetry, I would live and breathe pre eighties music to amplify my feelings. More often than not this was a joyous expression. Then there were those sad tunes that did thier best to reflect my tears in thier melodies. Or was that the lyrics in my tears. If I needed to dance and sing I’d throw on something obnoxiously loud. But if I needed to really cry…there were massive amounts available through out the entire home. Mostly Country and Jazz, Eddie Arnold, Andrews Brothers and sisters. Music…all music. My own albums and forty fives, included Leaving on a Jet Plane, Carol King’s Tapestry and James Taylor had to be played over and over after a traumatic move during those already traumatizing trials between childhood and becoming woman when we moved from Alabama to Chicago. I grew up and Elvis got married.

There is always that one song that brings a favorite memory to mind. The Too Fat Polka was a family joke. This emotional trigger to certain songs can bring a nostalgic dream back to life and I took the time last night to listen to a few good tunes at a higher than normal decibel. I was saturated in sound. The sights, sounds, faces and ambiance of the dark and lonely shifted between smiles, jests and political discussions… and I plyed the shutter bug for awhile.

I am quite grateful that I pursued that need to get away and into a different environment for a few hours. With reality pressing at my heels I really did need to get away. I took my back pack as usual…instead of a purse. Monty Rose(?) of Let’s Make a Deal would have loved me! Which contains art supplies, odd and ends, bus schedules and almost always a book plus at least one disposable camera at all times.

I had the digital this time. Hall-lei-loo-ee-ville! Dark Star Tavern is a small clean neighborhood tavern on Frankfort Avenue that’s been around since I moved here in 1999. They don’t serve food like they did back then and my taste buds could have gone for that Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup. A conversation was brought up about the changes over the years, and where the previous owner now has a nice restaurant on Bardstown Road, but he couldn’t remember the name. Damn! I am the all time soup lover.

This night began as an escape from the homefront for a few hours with some reflecting on a few things over a couple of BBC Nut Ales. (I also had a couple of Kamikaze’s for the first time in my life so I am doing a triple dose of water today…alcohol really isn’t what I need to be consuming) Yes, this gal that used to drink like fish in the eighties and snort copious amounts of crystal meth as a weekend binger actually went out to a bar by myself for the first time in many years. A dangerous proposal for some people and I do not advise those who live within the Twelve Step structure to test these waters.

The best part of the evening was the music. Loud. In my face…like it ought to be when you’re in a bar. The way you can’t listen to it at home unless you enjoy bugging the neighbors. The way you have to strain to hear the person two belly ups over.

Without dropping one quarter I had a pleasant time listening to music that came from this alien vision of a new fangled juke box that hangs on the wall like an oversized neon light box. Yes, I know…it’s 2006. Josh, one of the bartenders managed to play the perfect collection of bar songs.

Johnny Cash, Eagles, Grateful Dead to name a few along with some newer ones from the nineties that I didn’t even realize existed. At one point I almost got up to dance. Decorum and common sense won out. Also the fact that my oldest son frequents this establishment. Ooh boy. I can hear it now. A whining very much like that time in middle school when I kissed him goodbye in front of his friends. Get over it?

So, while out and about I played the camera lady, talked a lot, argued social health care, sketched in my notepad, and searched through the LEO classifieds because I just quit a job to avoid this kind of noise and stress that is forced into my brain working on the phones. All in all I had a really nice evening. And to think I wanted to attempt a stand up routine at the Comedy Caravan open mike. Maybe next week.

And no I was not using ‘shrooms. One picture as a mistake led to an entire set of intentional shots.

As I close this off Edgewater is playing Secret Agent Man. What a memory. A childhood experience in dance…and the 007 Theme. Oh! Yeah. I’ll keep that one to myself for now. Happy Posting! I’ll be setting up a flicker link as time permits. Have a great Wednesday!

I’m off to the water front today! If life permits. I just can’t live without music or art.


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