Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | September 3, 2006

Down the River? or Center Stage

chorus lineShe dances in movies…Chorus Line.

And I dance on the river of creativity.

If you need someone to kick and strut on a stage. Hire her.

If you need someone to create the story behind the kick and strut…then hire me.

If you want someone that is dependable, highly motivated, and always at the computer or clay table, with ideas rolling like the great Ohio or the Mighty Miss then I am the person.

If you are interested, as a patron of the arts, in backing me for a theatrical project, a children’s book, or even a bronze sculpture…truly I am the one you want to support. I am open to commissions. I need commissions.
My creative abilities are above and beyond the average artist. My roots are grounded in sculpture through nature’s gifts and on into theatre design branching out to the written word. Upon your request via a comment posted here I can submit a proposal for any number of unfinished projects from children’s books to musicals. I am also willing to do copywriting for advertisement, scripts for commercials, book cover’s, children’s illustrations.

Now you wonder why here, instead of there. Time. Obligations to work at a day job that would much prefer to be spent writing at home. Why is nothing finished? One, I need a decent amount of time to get the work done and motivation.

How’s this…I want to create. I live to create. I imagine all the time and I want to share this with other people.


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