Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 31, 2006

Lost? Loss…word for the year.

Translated into my life instead of some money making television show. I’m begining to feel a bit oppositional and defiant right about now, forget the ADD, ADHD, OCD, AA, NA, HSP, and whatever else I’ve been labeled with, Cracker being a great term my lovely teenager uses. I prefer Heinz 57, being adopted maybe I am the Bastard Child of someone like…oh! Who cares. I can imagine who ever I want.
This is…The other side? I had to have been hatched. Had to have been. Depression and manic behaviors are routed inside of this being and are cruising through my brain at a damnable speed. Crash and burn as Keeanu Reeves jumps from the bus and this the computer flips itself into a Jackie Chan Cowboy pose.

And I am lost in the middle of a bad western. Where did John Wayne go? Clint Walker, Jehemiah Johnson. Lord, every woman needs a John Wayne. And I must rescue myself from this dilemma. Should I become the Mae West personification, the Kitty from Gunsmoke? Any suggestions?

Or who was that from Apple Dumpling Gang. I’m trying to move away from the family oriented crap, too painful. And I just told my family, through one person that will spread the news like wild fire that I am separating myself from the family completely, and permanently.

Next the world? It’s great living with somebody that tells you you “ought to be dead”. So while I watch my PC disintegrate, die, croak, asta la bye bye…maybe I should go buy a new wooden Louisville Slugger and Swing Away…aggression never accomplished anything.

But it is a nice thought. Let out some of this emotion that’s building.

Excuse me, while I go stretch like a cat, meditate for a bit, and contemplate…sweet music in my life. It seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane. Kyrie and all that.


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