Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 30, 2006

All of Me…Wild Fantasy on the Other Foot Loose.

Footloose, again, somethings will never change. Some things are afoot in my life, slipping in and out of cyber reality, dream time…and reality crashing at my desk.

Have I got a lot of damage control to deal with! Somehow, someway, someone accessed and submitted a file that destroyed what few files I had. All my music, art, photos, family photos, writings, poetry, what have you and what nots…

Hydra was the name of the game and I skimmed over the thing as if there were no problem whatsoever. The system recovery ate everything and now I must start from scratch. More Power To Me. I just cleaned house the hard way, that’s all.

Say lah see what else I can do…

throw my hands in the air and dance…

throw my hands in the air and dance.
More power to me…say lah vee. Better me

than you. Ahhhh…what else could I do.
Better me than you.

Cause I know where I stand and I know what to do.

Ah…say…lah…veeeee♪ ♪

And ah…ooo…ooo.
The real dreaming and the dance will always go hand in hand

that somethings just don’t work out the way we planned

But then again I’ve known this one

for such a very long time

Nah, I wouldn’t have missed the chance

to drink this cup of wine.

…learning as I go…

that life is but a chance…

and I would not have missed this for the world.

I learned to set a stance

and sight on a new day…

Saaaayyy…laaaah….veeeee! learning as I go…
And so…(repeat)

I step out onto that golden ribbon,

that I dreamt the other night.

Imagining I’m making my way

through the darkness to the light.

the way I want is right

What I want it to be.

Is more than some Wild Fanatasy.

Say Lah Vee…another Wild Fantasy. (repeat)
This could be the reason that I’m feeling like a timex, energizer bunny and what have you. I’ll make it. So, folks…who’s with me on this? Where’s my moral support? Where are my backers?

Anybody out there? Come on! I see all those hits on the blog map. Europe, Africa, Australia, Mexico, Alaska, Ireland, Spain, Russia…and more. Or are these cyber dot images just fake reperesentations of human beings. That doesn’t include the West Coast Patrons. Who is with me and wants to see me succeed in my endeavors as a writer, poet , playwright, and sculptor?

So what’s that tune…

All of me…whay note tike all o’ me…dah du dum…dah da duh dah du dum…and on that note. I’ll call this a moment I will not quickly forget.


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