Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 28, 2006


Copyright Kristine Bennett McAnelly


Dripping from the windows of this steamy night
A heated body of sex permeates each streetlight
Halos hanging,
angelic apparitions
surrounding the passersby.

Rumblings of the night begin to groan,

As Peter-Bilts, motor bikes and Limos breed between
The Lexus and Saturns ,
waiting beneath a wet perspective of  red globes,
some game, and gunning,
each with the same long destination.

Gargoyles on façades cheapen  the love
and beauty  of lithesome carvings seen above
these man made dreams poured into mortar,
swirling like muscle and skeleton
into wrought iron,  slipping  onto the pavement,
within the shadows, corners and alleys.

Each building like a woman
covered in the sweetest perfume

satisfaction comes at dawn
with sunlight dancing beneath a cooling rain.

Sensual favors bestowed upon this city,
from earth and sky.


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