Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 28, 2006

A Day Of Reflection…Participate with Life!

Some how I will end up getting a few chores out of the way, but between these tasks I am reflecting on the current state of affairs in my life. A fellow blogger kindly emailed me some material to read, very much in-tune with my needs. Some of my postings have reflected the frustrations and pain I’ve been going through, a bit of the anger, and a few of the joys, and I noted during a conversation that I may put too much of myself on these pages and posts out here. It’s one thing to say you are hurting through a poem…and another to say you’ve spent the week fighting with yourself. The poem wins. So at this stage of blogging I will try to ease up on the self, focus on working through the spoken word, and the art.

This blog was originally intended to be used as a vehicle to publish my verbal dribble, doodles, and creative responses to this world. Only recently have I begun to regain some of that focus.

Ideals and ideas begin to solidify and synchronicity swings back into my days, and nights, with a somewhat saucy attitude saying “Look at what I can do when you are paying attention!”

While waiting at the bus stop the other night, between transfers, I ran into a local burger joint to kill a half hour, grab a fattening dinner and milkshake. Upon entering the air conditioned environment, I paused to draw a Smiley face on the window that was fogged up from the thick humidity. It was during the consumption of my junk food I had that childish urge to draw on every single window…murals of Pegasus horses, people walking across city streets, sky rise structures and slinky women hanging on the corners waiting for their next trick.  My imagination ran forward a few steps and wondered what it would be like if some of the other people standing around outside were to have joined me in such a venture, and wouldn’t it be great if I had a camera with me. Words began to swim inside for a new poem, and then I let the ball drop, walked to the bus stop and went on to work, with the excuse being the lack of a camera. And as I reflect on the entire moment I think fear to participate, fear of being rejected, was the biggest factor.

Looking back at that moment, I realize that I passed a perfect opportunity that was created to allow me to be creative, interact, and greet the process of life and giving back to the Creator… by participating. Sitting on the bench does not produce anything more than an idea. An idea is only that. So this week if an opportunity comes my way…I will make every effort to participate in the bounty that surrounds me.


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