Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 24, 2006

The Artist Within…

The artist within lives with the self, changing as does the chameleon, with great effort becoming a Lotus Flower. The colors curl around the heart and soul through words seeking expression…and find these inside the oyster. The mother of pearl. This work was created about seven months past, recently emailed to an aquaintence from wordpress, but first was posted here some time back because of a Dolphin Massacre on the Beaches of Tanzania. This likely occured due to Naval exercises with Sonar…as seems to be the major concensus on most water mammal beachings. I was heart broken at the loss of so many beautiful and intelligent creatures.

So this is my toast to the souls of all water creatures. The real and the imagined. The mermaid, the dolphin, the whale and otter…and all the ocean has to offer us. I miss my San Diego.

This journey inland has brought me through various doors. Some have been quite painful, while others have been indescribable. As the moment calls for serenity and quiet contemplation for good things to matrialize in comparison to the struggles I’ve been surmounting as of late, I offer to you a few heart felt poems. This was written with understanding that some dreams never become a reality…while others plant themselves so deep that one cannot live without them. Passion is the best word I can describe for this creating that I do. Sometimes we lose our bearings, our direction, turning in circles, like dust devils kicking sand into our own eyes…while other moments we calmly watch the dreams float off on a gentle breeze. How do you choose to deal with your problems?

Tensions build across this sky

passing all stars, sifting through God’s hands,

shifting, like sands caressed by tide or stream.

I take this dream, opening my hand, caressingly,

letting go, off to the wind, the thought, the image

of ten million musical specks. Dance now,

dandilion seeded dreams, diamonds mine go…

drift to places that you must.

By star, by moon, past someones sighs.

Out of my hands, off now and up to the skies.

Dance now, dreams of wants and delights,

scatter forth with all that you brought dear to me.

Dance with the devine and seek your way with word and song.

I won’t be far behind you, as I gather strength, I won’t be long.

I won’t be more than a life time away. No I won’t be long.


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