Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 17, 2006

Inevitable? Life?

Sometimes we do things that we don’t begin to regret until several days after. Sometimes the regrets don’t pile up on your doorstep until you’ve lived at least half of your life.

And more often than not, we feel the regret before the act has even occured. I grew up calling this a conscience. Some of us are born with a deep sense of integrity and so their conscience leans towards the overactive side. Guilt comes in different shapes and sizes, just like egos. Therefor I go down to the river in my mind to contemplate my belly button for a few moments. And then I must go work on my sculpture. I might come back with a poem or two.

Two older photoshop practice pic and drawing.

But for now here are some poignant images that seem to have the best of my mood for the moment.

I certainly hope we do not regret the things we have been doing to this planet. I am at present listening to Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly. “…tongue tied and twisted…just an earth bound misfit…I.”

I am a part of this universe. I am.

I am loved. I am.

I am.

Yes. I am. I was. I am now. Now I am.


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