Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 15, 2006

Squibbles, Squirrels, and Cartoons…Oh! Happy me!

I joyfully ran across this comic site via that new tag thingy a few clicks off the the path of poems and into the world of art. Bob the Squirrel. Thank you Frank Page. Now I don’t feel such a need to make one.
Being a lover of squirrels from way back I was thrown into a memory, several actually. I have a few not so collectable items…a nut dish of course, with a squibble sitting on top, a T-shirt that recommends feeding the squirrels, a stuffed “toy” squirrel (100% manmade materials)that was a Christmas Gift for a guy that I was (notice was not went) “nuts” for and a few pics I’ve done myself. I ran into a picture of a squirrel unzipping into his Superman Suit. And even a few folks that go by the name of Squirrel in a few chats.

This is one of my own. Unfinished since the broken pen for my Wacom is sitting in a drawer.


Any way. I smile for a while. The memories swim about. A story in there somewhere about having a hunter as a lover that likes Squirrel Stew. Once upon a lifetime ago.

Yes. Really. My back porch friends dissapeared one day…

I’ve an arial view from my desk. Lines to dance on, trees to jump from. And the brave creatures come to my windows, laughing at the cat because he can’t get to them.

Then there was the man that …ah. Hmm.

The gift was meant to be attached to his jeep dashboard with velcro. I never did sew the stuff onto the feet…and keep this little critter as a reminder of a feeling that I have only felt one other time. Squirrels are God’s way of telling us to enjoy life, not to chew on those wires, and to stay away from those Circuit Breakers and Men with shot guns! Memories. We all have some.


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