Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 11, 2006

Saving a Lost Dream?

book cover

Unclear to my course of action…Capri asked a question in a previous comment. “Have you considered publishing your work in a book?” This is my answer. While this was computer and dream play at the time, that sent to my oldest brother in a moment of wanting a siblings recognition for something well done, it has become the possibility for a central theme to unifying work written over the last thirty years. I have no clue when I will begin sorting and editing through massive piles of…does any one have a shovel?

I went through a purple phase in the eighties and this really isn’t my favorite color but I like the title and some of the text. Playing around with this program was fun at the time. I just wanted to share one or two pieces to get some feedback. It still needs a lot of work.
Vanity Presses are not the route I desire to go. While I would have more control over the outcome there are all the if’s and squeeks about money and it’s unatural attributes. Would that a poet could barter the skill wandering (Yes, I am a true wanderer grounded by my existence) across the planet sharing in exchange for a good nights sleep and a meal. An all expenses paid existence? Now I am really dreaming…oh, the life of a Bard!

It’s always a question of who has and who doesn’t. Ah, well these things will pass and poetry will drift across the pavement between the rubble of tommorrow.

I keep thinking about Madeline Le Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, and a few of the other books in the series. We need a Charles Wallace in this world…another Meg or two. While this may be children’s literature the subject matter covers some insightful obversations of the directon our world has taken. A quick read and a pleasant sharing experience for children. Go get it!Early Man

This is another play moment that I am fond of. This would match up with some of my more aggressive poetry dealing with man’s conflicts on this planet. Eventually I’ll get that audio thing going as I clean up and learn css. Maybe by Christmas. We can all have a fireside moment! All I can do is what I am doing. At a snail’s pace…thanks for stopping by.


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