Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 7, 2006

Shells of Time…

I hold this to my ear,
once a calcium sphere

of life
and Atlantian dreams.
I lift this to my heart,
my womb now empty
and think of crashing waves,
our hearts entwined upon the sand,
and time that never will see us

hand in hand.

Emitting a cry to Gaia for release

I feel the rushing waters drag me deeper

as I become engulfed

inside this stream of consciousness.

I swim with the undertoe

to escape its forcefull pull

rolling to rest, then swimming on,

trusting I will reach shore.

I see you, friend,

with welcoming smile

and arms like a tartan island.


An Empty Shell
the Half Moon hangs heavy

gleaming across the waves of time
like a one eyed sleeping Ghost

drifting between wakefullness

and naught

I shift in my sleep reaching

for something no longer there

desiring that cupped hand

against my cheek

I place my own instead

wiping a tear

thinking on that empty space

pillow found

I cry


Pacific whispers drift

around my soul

wet sand sinks beneath my feet

as she rushes

playing tug of war

with my heart.

I remember, knowing

what it should have been like,

immersed and wholly natural,

realizing what

it was and wasn’t,

too young, naive,

too little.

Now, a moment.

Here a dream

and gone again.

reaching, I breach

this need of you.



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