Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 7, 2006

Electric City

Imagine for one night two dreams uniting/

Between the city streets and strobes of flashing greens and yellows

passing/ pedestrians waiting for their busses to go home

/and we go on forever. Inside One Night

What mistakes already made that alter time as it is now.

Hear the screeching brakes and metal crunching.

If you must then please,

Drink and do not drive.




Yah! I see the lights and beats of hearts within


the traffic, stalling,


calling out for sensual sensatiations,


drunk on gasseous fumes,


toxic atmosphere,


weathering the dark,


daylight will arrive as certain


as death.


Will you be there.


Or there.


Or hanging onto the porcelain chair.




Call a cab.


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