Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 6, 2006

Inside MY Disposable Camera…

Images from the last forty or so hours spent wandering, and working rest in two places. My disposable camera and my brain.
Occasionally I get into a crazy mood believing that I am a great artist. Indeed, the time spent painting as of late has been faces. Yes, as the clown without a costume painting little cute things on the cheeks of children as thier parents ooh and ahh over how nice it looks and then drop a dollar in my donation box. Sometimes more, sometimes not at all. One gentleman kindly dropped a twenty “for art materials” after I painted three dragons on the arms of his smiling sons. I just didn’t take enough pictures.
My daughter bought groceries with what I made on Friday night. Yeah, food is infinitely more important than art materials when you have family to care for. At the moment I am without coffee. This has a few good points. The first is that it’s easier to be without cigarettes w/o coffee. The second, I don’t have coffee breath. And the third, just having thought of this… is that I might be able to sleep a bit better during the day.

I spent two parts of yesterday in a downtown area, the morning in its quiet calm, watching folks preparing for an art show and people traffic. I was supposed to have painted faces but left before everything got too busy. I had been up for more than twenty hours and desparately needed sleep. I went home and grabbed about four hours and was up and out of the house by six in the evening.

I spent some time embracing the evening with her music and busy city life. Strolling from the bus stop, allowing my eyes wander while I walked. I saw. I looked and let my eyes drift all over the spaces, buildings, watching the sun dance on the windows, comparing the different times of day with our life clocks…the evening is softer, warmer, and easier on the soul of the tired.

Just that morning while leaving the face painting gig I found a tree growing out of a building about thirty feet above me.

I saw the broken tiles of a store front side walk and wondered how many feet had passed this spot. All these city images were crashing in on me like a computer program and an up load of information. I admired the wrought iron gates of an abandoned building. The world is an art gallery. My heart the curator.

I find as each day goes by that I get further and further away from the ability to focus and complete a task that takes more than half a day. So be it. I wrote song lyrics yesterday evening in no time flat, now theres a tune smith title, for a guy named Jimmy Stokes, a banjo picker, from the Cumberland band. Hot. Damned hot! I just walked over and hande this to him on a scrappy piece of paper. I’ll give him a year and forget all about it. Then maybe next year I’ll hear it whistle on the wind as I walk down the city street as I look at all the city images. The cracks in the sidewalks, the reflections of a setting sun on the windows, the shadow inside the architectural crevaces…
I met tons of people the last few days. Steve and Victoria bought me an iced mocha with espresso to keep me going on Friday night and we all went over to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe to meet up with other art car folks. Karen, whom I made previous arrangements with, was kind enough to allow me to paint at the art car show…I only wish I hadn’t been so tired and worn looking that I felt like a homeless person coming down off drugs. I felt like i was being looked at that way as well by some of the ladies there.

I don’t think people realize how self conscious I am about my appearance. While some folks can look me in the eyes and see me for who I am there are others that see the external flaws and judge me. Another type of profiling. I have to catch myself. I do this from time to time. Profiling the profiler. Another poem in the making.

Now there’s a topic for later. Really.

The use of nasty tasting lollipops (jolly ranchers) to quit smoking is not my idea of pleasant. I’d much prefer See’s candies. They have a booth at a local mall that sells chocolate, caramel and peanut butter flavored lollipops. Maybe I’ll have to call Warren Buffet and ask him to send me a case.By the way. I am going back with my camera…the digital. To get some good pics. That disposable I used won’t get developed any time soon.

And if you need a face painter…aka clown, and you’re a local yokal for a non profit that works with children leave me a message and I’ll get back with you.

By the way. That tree growing out of the side of the building is on W Main Street just East of Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, same side. Just don’t forget to watch where you’re walking. You might run into someone with a camera!


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