Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | August 4, 2006

New Sand Box Theme! If you build it they will come!

If I could just learn to control this. A poem to the side. A dream on the way. A seed has been planted in the sand box today! WooHoooo!
Corner Sky

Hoohah! I am going to fill this sand box with unbeieveable out of this worl thrill yourheart sort of stuff. This is just what i needed. So while I play with my clay…for now I’ll post a couple of pictures and see what joy I can bring!!! To myself…it’s my blog…and to you…for your viewing pleasure!

I’d better be careful. Switching themes can be addictive. Like changing clothes…or trying on new shoes at the Mall. Thanks to a couple of cool guys whose names I can’t remember.

Other Corner

Me Shells.

Learning how to build within this space will be a memorable experience.


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