Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | July 30, 2006

While I was Sleeping…

To borrow part of the movie title. How I wish I could fall in love to such a romantic notion…. NOT. My mouse is about ready to rollover and throw a fit. So I may have to struggle with it for a moment. Excuse me. &**$$##****@@#@@#!!!! There.

Now, yes. While I was sleeping my blog actually passed 1,000. I wanted to watch it roll over and write a special post just for the occasion…offering something like a store discount! Oh well. I got seven hours sleep and feel much more human. I woke up to a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, a litter box that required attention, and laundry. I’ll get to the laundry when I’m finished here. This is my quiet spot. My bitch session. Mine.

Yeah. I am selfish. My space needs to be my space…not some million and ten other peoples place. I like wordpress. I like the folks at wordpress. And I like the bloggers here. At least the ones I’ve met, read and try to keep up with. They are very supportive. And concerned about my well being. (read previous post) I think they must love me very much. 🙂 Except Scoble. He’s too busy being technical to stop by.

I drop by his little spot and leave an occasional remark. Usually a non technical question. “Could somebody over here help me set up an audio thingie”. It’s a wonder I can even communicate. What I would really like to do is my poetry in audio. Maybe someday.

In the meantime I am trying to be grateful instead of resentful. I woke up angry today. I’m doing a bit better. This schedule change has me kind of loopy. What’s new.

Here’s a poem.


Sometimes I think too much.
I think.

Sometimes I drink to such a thought.
Wasting time that could be bought
Watching sloops and sails slipping by
I take sips and wonder why
These dreams don’t droop and rot
Beneath the stinking brain I’ve got.

Yes. Sometimes I think to much.

Then I feel a gentle touch
A cooling quiet breeze
That brings me to my knees.
And lifts me once again.
Refreshed, renewed and calm.

Sometimes I think

too much

I think

I often times allow myself to sink
Into a sunset.

Imagining my toes have sunk into a sandy beach
And that the sky a burnished red
Is still within my reach.
I hear the seagulls calling out
“today will soon be gone”
While listening to the mermaid sing her even song.

Sometimes I think

too much

I think

And swim inside these thoughts.

I watch the glittering ocean waves
Curl across the sand
And raise my soul with gratitude
That I have had a hand
In caring for the gifts of life
Surrounding me each day
I watch the sun sink swiftly down
And with a breath I pray
Oh Heaven let me sing a round
To another day.

Happy Posting.

Any body out there want to tell me how to clean this mouse?


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