Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | July 27, 2006

Night Shifting? Gotta Dance!!!!

Say good night to my days. It is official. It’s been tested. I am not a night person. I do not thrill to the city streets and lights. I want my days for doing and my nights for sleeping…and a paycheck.

I just heard the angel’s brakes screeching and scraping the sky like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’d better stop complaining. It’s a job.

It’s an uncomplicated sit down position that I could get very used to however there is that one major drawback. NIGHTS! I am not a vampire, I do not like dark street corners, and while I don’t mind the company of strangers while waiting for a bus…I much prefer that intense daylight to shine on our flaws.

Example. The sun is shining. Brightly. There are huge storm clouds surrounding us and the sun will probably be dimmed for a bit. The rain drops are doing thier dance on the roof and if they meet up with a ray of light…well you won’t find that in the dark. In the daylight you can see a tornado coming. At night…well, can you?

And this is where I part ways with reality and join up with the verbal softshoe.

Drum roll please. Even the way a person types can represent a style of music if they can get the pattern down. So I’m learning.

Put your right foot out and tap, semi slide and tap. Tssh, tssh, tsh, tsh, sssssss…..ts..ts..ts..ts..tsssss. Slow…

I’m feeling a little bit aloof

I can see the raindrops dancin’ on the roof

as I look out my window at a storm comin in

And I wonder…where…do…I…begin.

I started a letter then threw it in the trash.

I started a painting but then it kinda clashed with the walls

And all those memories softshoein’ down the halls of my mind

I wanna learn to dance the softshoe.

I want to learn to dance just like you.

Like Yankee Independence before it lost its way

and Gregory Hines….And the wonderful Danny Kaye

You can hear thier measured footsteps in every single syllable I say

Ooooooh….Fred Astaire…would you have cared.

That I had bared an open heart and soul

That I had dared to unify a goal

Would you have nurtured me along

as I learned to write the song

that I always wanted to write

for everybody elses dancing feet.

Between the dreams of Martha Graham

Barishkinov and what ever are you playin

Is that Isadora Duncan and a bit of Thriller too.

This is where I draw the line…draw the line and write the line…

I’ll walk the line and walk the line like a tightrope I will waltz the line

And jump free falling into the arms of Gene Kelly

(Oh! What a felly…he’s on the telly with that dame of dames) and young romance with fame of flames her Mickey Rooney, if we all would do the swoon…eeeeeeey.

She had the sweetest smile I would want to emulate.

And then there’s all that history that leads one to the gates

of misery…

we all should see her smile is the thing that really lives

exuding all that kindness for that’s what gives and gives

So tip a hat. Tat a tat tap tat. Tsssh ta tsh ta ta tssh.

And so this poem and song I write

is a dedication to the flight of feet.

So tip a hat. Tat a tat tap tat. Tsssh ta ta tsh ta ta tssh.

In its Unfinished state…I bring it to this plate,

an appetizer for this thing I do.

Yeah….I’m a dreamin…and a dancin’

I’m a schemin’….and romancin’

with my words…and syllables…for you….
So tip a hat. Tat a tat tap tat. Tsssh ta ta tsh ta ta tssh.

So tip a hat. Tat a tat tap tat. Tsssh ta ta tsh ta ta tssh.

Copyright 2006 KB MCANELLY.

Come on people…get the rhythm.


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