Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | July 25, 2006

Oprah? and Clinton? Uh-uh!

I saw an MSN piece this morning that said Oprah received an email from Hillary Clinton asking if she would consider the Vice Presidency. I’m not including a link because I’m lazy, have to get going down to the welfare office for food-stamps, and the entire thing is preposterous.

I’d rather have Oprah running Disney. Really.

But then…we have George Bush in the White House. That’s a bit Mickey Mouse. Maybe he could produce a Broadway musical about the War in Iraq?

I have three things to say. John Edwards, Condoleeza Rice, and what’s his name that sounds like Ben Osamo? Why not create an entirely new ticket…to hell with Democrats, Republicans and Liberals. That was two. Me bad!
While Oprah has the wherewithall to fulfill such duties as the VP entails I believe our world would be better off with her right hand woman, her name slips my mind, running for VP. But where would that leave Oprah?

I absolutely love Oprah. She’s smart, savvy, creative, knows her stuff, and who to get to do what , when , how and where. If I were a top notch candidate and running against her I couldn’t possibly win. So maybe this is a tactic to get Oprah to choose sides in case Condoleeza is running. I don’t think Oprah would turn this into a racial issue.

Others might. While I see things as more than black and white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple… others will likely take the average approach like lemmings. It’s the nature of the beast and may become an issue in the future for other folks out there. I hope not.

I don’t watch her show everyday, maybe twice a month at best, unlike the large percentage I heard quoted and can’t remember all the numbers of the women in the US. I’ve had a subscription to her magazine, enjoyed reading each “What I know for sure” article and just cannot bring myself to see her at a podium addressing Korean Generals with the authority and backing of the Vice Presidency.

However, years ago before I ever knew who Condoleeza Rice was, or her political affiliations with the first G. Bush, I saw her speaking to a group on C Span. This was spring of 1998 or 1999. She was provost for some college at that time.

I didn’t have my own TV at the time, having thrown it out the window during the OJ Simpson trials, and was watching this at a neighbors house while babysitting…when they came home I made a point to tell them what I thought about Condoleeza Rice…and then all was forgotten until 2000.

I remarked about my belief that she would be in the White House someday. Too soon, sadly too soon. I was thinking 2010’s? Her attachment to President Bush has come close to ruining her political career. But then who else would have done things the way she has been made to do them.

And should Politics be a career? I read or heard somewhere the other day, ah, yes, maybe it was the Reader’s Digest, or maybe it was on Charlie Rose…that if a person couldn’t leave politics, willingly, to run their own business they shouldn’t be in politics to begin with. Think on this. What really is community service? Universal service for that matter with the way our world has changed.
I am not against Hillary Clinton running for President or even becoming the First Woman President… I just wish that there were some way to put Condoleeza Rice on the same ticket. And I am certainly not against Oprah being in the White House if that’s where her desires take her. If she sets her mind in that direction she does so with all her heart.

She always gets what she wants so Hillary…are you willing to run for VP?

This may be the one time that I vote and expect my voice to be counted.

I’m not black and I’m not white

I’m not left and I’m not right

I’m not purple, yellow or green

And I’m not some sit down machine.

I’m not spoiled and I’m not old.

I’m not young and I can’t be told

what is this and what is that.

I’ve got my own tin foil hat.

I’ve got my own little point of view.

Yes, it’s different, ’cause I’m not you.

I’m not Catholic, Buddhist or Jew,

I’m not Muslim, Baptist or you.

I’m not tall and I’m not short.

But yes, I’m fat and when I laugh I snort.

I have flaws like you, and you…

My skin is pale and my eyes are blue.

But I can cry just like the rest

and hope the outcome will be the best.

For all the world ’cause it’s more than us.

It’s the whole damn universe on this bus.

Where are we going?

Well I haven’t a clue,

If we were horses we’d be making glue,

If we were NASA we’d be garbage in space.

If we knew love …like a child’s face,

We wouldn’t have to worry about what’s next

We’d all sit back with without getting vexed.

We’d share our rations, and search for grubs,

Indigenous folks that like back rubs.

Sweet loving children that share their toys,

Within the same sand box, both girls and boys.

Happy Posting!

Added a few minutes later…Gayle King is Oprah’s right hand, and I’m so politically ignorant that I have the running years mixed up. Hey, what can I say…my gig is poetry, lyrics and art. Don’t be a hater!


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