Posted by: KB. McAnelly | July 15, 2006


I’ve a ‘version to numbers.
Hit me, aginn, while my heart slumbers
Peaceful like between the layers of time.
Hit me, aginn, while my mind riggles
between this past and present of the rhyme.
The beat and rhythm junk the scene
No one knows just what I mean
It don’t matter cause you can’t see
It don’t matter cause you can’t see
Everythin’ I can. Everythin’ I can. Everythin’ I can.
Look at the man in the shadows. He’s got his players
tootin’ on the their horns,
he’s got the singers shoutin’ freedom from the rafters,
and he thinks he knows
he thinks he knows all about the day that I was born
when I was born. when I was born
sputnik took the heavens in a dream,
and the law said school, you better let them in
Yeah, maybe that’s the place where I begin.
I was born on a morning without sunlight
In a lockdown where my mama left her heart
Now we all know what’s done aint really sin

it’s done what’s good is good
and what’s right and good is right
And we all know what’s torn apart
Will get put back together…In time. In time.
Yeah, hit me aginn while my mind riggles
between the past and the present with a rhyme.

Get On

You pushed me to the limits and shot me out the door
The dreams I had fell from my heart
and I walked out once more
I cried all night for forty days
and never even tried
To look back…no I didn’t look back
I guess what I had was what some folks
call an emotional heart attack
No I didn’t look back
Until the other day
I don’t know what to say
I remember wiping dust from the bottom of my shoes
As I got into the car, thinking of the news
And how I would miss my friend so…so much.

Who knew. Who knew that things would happen

just as quick as stars that fall,

and rise.

That all I did would never come completely as surprise.

You thought I took what wasn’t mine

and the shoe would never fit

all I can say is hip hooray

well, damn, another hit.

All art and lyrics copyright 2006 kbmcanelly

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