Posted by: KB. McAnelly | July 15, 2006

A Song In A Letter…

Inside a letter years ago,

a dream was forged with heart and soul,

but how was I to know…

How was I to know…

That everything I said would leave me feeling

Would leave me feeling, leave me feeling

darkness and dread, darkness and dread

There was something just around the corner,

down the street, in the alley, making it’s way

like music, into my head.

My life was reeling out of time and space

I had no sense and couldn’t replace that dream

No matter how hard I tried…with all the tears that I cried

With every silent scream that tore my universe apart

there was something that could never be denied

there was something always in my heart

Even with all the lonely nights,

with all the wrongs and all the rights

all the frightening lights

that shimmered on the images I’d made

How was I supposed to know which way to go

Inside a letter years ago.

How could someone like me ever make the grade

ever make the grade

All those people, the elite traces

that grace the faces

of all the people and the places

All the visual embraces, eyes with slanting traces

sitting heavy on the soul of the damned

I walked away and the door was slammed.

But time passed and trouble came and went,

Never made a fortune, if I had,

it’d just of all been spent

And it brings me here tonight, to this page, to you.

And you know who you are,

And you know what I do…I do it well

And time will tell the promises and starts

and the faltering dreams and maybe broken hearts

We’ve both come this far
Why not find that star

on the horizon…with me

Copyright 2006 KB MCANELLY

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