Posted by: Artsy Squibbles | July 10, 2006

Damage Control?

hello, howdee, hey…goodmorning?

The sewing machine, only a year old, was pitched across the basement this morning. Now warped, bent, and cracked, this useless piece of machinery that was bought to create fabric puppets, costumes and textile art, sits next to the serger which had obviously been shoved from the table, landing on its side and scattering the spools of thread. The fate of my sewing career has temporarily fallen into the hands of a teenager dealing with the inability to deal with pain and loss.

However, I will not give up. I will not give in. I will not. I repeat will not allow her anger to prevent me from doing my best. My best will only help her.
Kevin Spacey! Are you out there. Can you hear me! I can and will design two fabulous costumes for the 2007 Cinderella Panto…for the stepsisters. I will even throw in a couple of songs. Do you want it! Well let me know and I’ll put some energy in that direction. Then you can come and get it! In the meantime I’ll be learning about dispatch phones at a local cab company while I try to find a reasonable second job.

Charlie Rose! Welcome back, yes…I am so grateful you made it back, it’s been a month now. So let me say this. I think you ought to do a documentary on how a musical is created. From the initial step of writing this post all the way to the completion. And I’ll volunteer as your guinea pig.

What makes me think I can. Because I can? Because what I do is good. Because I love what I do. Because I have the heart and chutzpuh. Because I have the ability. Because I have the dream. Because I am willing to fail trying. Because somewhere out there is a composer that needs a start just like this lyricist. And because I love the theatre. Because it’s getting late.

And one final thing before I finish here for today…

At the beginning and end of We Are the World video…two things are happening. Signatures appear, including a thumb print…who does it belong to? Then the video ends with a thumbs up from Lionel Ritchie…why? Any one care to elaborate? Mr. Jones? Check out phatmom at you tube.

What could possibly go wrong now! Anything and everything. I will not give up. Nor will I give in.

Happy Posting!


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